About Us

The Carroll name has been synonymous with electroplating and metal polishing for over 50 years. The company has always retained a strong family involvement passing the craft down the generations to the present. The original company has grown to become one of Victoria's leading general electroplaters.

Carrolls specialises in commercial and public works for architects, restorers and engineers. Finishes can be produced in chrome, nickel, copper, brass, gold, silver, zinc, electroless nickel, hardchrome, florentine, blackoxide and satin. Electropolishing and electroplating on aluminium is also available.

Over the years the company has been involved in work for office furniture, commercial building fittings, shop fittings and production lines. Some of the more prominent public works have been the restoration of the foyer doors of the Melbourne Town Hall, Victorian State Library, grand entrance doors of the Hong Kong Bank, Melbourne Museum and many Collins Street shopfronts and entertainment complexes.

Although large scale commercial and public work is the cornerstone of the business, Carrolls also caters for small projects such as local shop fitouts, metal stamping, engineered parts, small production run electroplating and one-off measurement and thickness plating. Carrolls also caters for the restoration of trophies and cutlery and the preservation for posterity of items of personal value.

To arrange a quotation for your project, call us on 03 9017 3847.

  • Antique Restoration
  • Corporate Fitouts
  • Corporate Restoration
  • Retail Fitouts
  • Public Works
  • Automotive Restoration