Common Questions & Glossary Terms

Q1. What is Electroplating?

  • It is the electrolytic deposition of an adherent metallic coating upon an article for the purpose of imparting a surface with properties, appearance or dimensions differing from those of the basis metal.

Q2. Do you spray it on or dip it?

  • No electroplating is done in a solution (electrolyte) used for the electrodeposition process.

Q3. What is adhesion?

  • The attractive force existing between a metal coating and its substrate.

Q4. What is acid cleaning or pickling?

  • The process of removing oxide or other surface films from a metal by immersion in an acid solution.

Q5. What is an anode?

  • The positive electrode in a circuit. During electrolysis current enters and electrons leave the solution at the anode.

Q6. What is a cathode?

  • The negative electrode in a circuit. During electrolysis current enters and electrons leave the solution at the cathode.

Q7. What is lacquering?

  • The application of a thin coating of lacquer over a prepared metal surface to prevent it from tarnishing.

Q8. What does 'patina' refer to?

  • A greenish coloured surface film on copper or copper alloys produced to resemble the appearance of naturally weathered copper in humid atmospheres.

Q9. What is a rectifier?

  • A device which converts alternating current (a.c.) into direct current (d.c.) by semi–conduction.

Q10. Rack

  • A metal frame or jig with a plasticised coating designed to hold, if necessary electrically connect, articles during plating or related operations.

Q11. Substrate

  • Basis material on which a coating is deposited.

Q12. Volt

  • The unit of electromotive force. That e.m.f. which will cause an electric current of one ampere to flow through a circuit with total resistance of one ohm.

Q13. Strike

  • To plate for a short time, usually at high initial current density.

Q14. Polishing

  • The process of smoothing a metal surface by means of abrasives in the form of flexible wheels and belts. Abrasives may be applied in the form of paste, stick or liquid suspension.

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